All MCX guidelines and directions are listed below. The shipper is responsible for reviewing and acting on all alerts prior to shipping MCX orders. Failure to comply with any MCX directive may result in non-compliance fees deducted from invoice. All requests for exemption must be sent to MCX HQ Logistics for review and approval. All shipment routing requests (collect/Third Party) are required to be entered through the Vendor Logistics TMS Portal. To access, please click here.

MCX Shipping Addresses:

MCX EDI PO Address List 15 August 2020

MCX Direct Delivery Address List 15 August 2020


For Overseas shipments (OCONUS - Outside the Continental US):

FOB Origin (MCX pays freight charges through Third Party Billing) use the address provided from the TMS

FOB Destination (Vendor pays freight)

Open the MCX PDF PO and EDI PO Address List from above. 

Once you open this file, click on the tab labelled “HAWAII AND JAPAN”.  

Using column B, determine which type of merchandise you are supplying and ship to the associated address assigned to the site/location ID.

Access Request Forms:
- MCX TMS Vendor Setup
- MCX Compliance Portal Setup

- TMS User Guide
- TMS Training Video

User information and a user video are located in the help section of the portal after you log in to the system.

For Compliance Portal Training please click on a link below to attend a Webinar.

TUESDAY August 11 @ 11:30 AM EDT
August Webinar Registration

TUESDAY September 8 @ 11:30 AM EDT
September Webinar Registration

TUESDAY October 13 @ 11:30 AM EDT
October Webinar Registration


To learn more, please contact Marine Corps Exchange Logistics at If you wish to directly contact our 4PL, Landair, please call 866-404-8517 or email